We have 2 teams available in 504...now a $50 Prize League

If other owners would stop giving @eamuscatuli Manny Machado the two teams available could compete next year. Hit me up if you’re interested in either squad:

Team 1
Team 2

Looks like some solid pieces on both of these squads. Good opportunity for someone in @Ottoneu101 to take over a team if they want.

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We don’t bite, promise!

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I’m interested in the Smart Pollocks.

Cool man. You want to take them over? Injuries derailed them big time last year.

How many keepers?

You can keep as many players as you want. You just have a $400 budget once the keeper deadline hits which is sometime in mid-January. Are you brand new to Ottoneu?

Ah right, gotcha. Yeah I’m a noob. I’ll take them. Thanks.

Cool. What’s your email or login name for FanGraphs? I’ll add you.

SucramRenrut marcusallenturner@gmail.com Thanks,

Can you invite me to slack too? That would be swell.

Done deal man. Give me two seconds.

Invited to Slack and the league. Welcome aboard! Make sure you read up on the Ottoneu 101

Both of these teams have been filled…not sure how to close the thread but figured I’d leave an update.

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