Weekly Lineups locked already

I’m looking into why weekly leagues have locked despite no games having been played this week. Going forward, weekly leagues will lock on the day they are designated to lock as long as there are games on that day. If there aren’t games, they will lock on the next day with games, 5 minutes before the first game.

I’ve circled around the problem and am exploring fixes.

I think this should be fixed. If you have a weekly lineups league, please let me know if you can make changes to your lineup now.

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nope, still locked

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@FlyTheW could you remind me your league and team so I can dig into this more? I will get this fixed today I promise!

Pete Roses HOF Bryzzo Bromance. No worries on my team specifically, I set my lineup monday just in case. I was just responding since you were asking if changes were able to be made.

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I’m in the same league and need to make changes! My team is Marshall the Cat.

Okay I’ve been poking at this and have some ideas. Should be able to address this very soon, stay posted.

All good now, thanks!

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It looks like some changes didn’t take affect for weekly lineups set this week. I am investigating and should have a fix tomorrow.