Weekly position limits and autobenching

I’m pretty sure I had Derrick White auto benched today. If I followed it correctly, I believe this happened because I had 3 guard starts coming into the day, and then when sexton got a minute, it changed my guard starts to 2 and auto benched one of them with sexton already locked into a guard slot.

Team page:

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This happened to me too. I had two guard starts left, but Tj McConnell got auto benched as soon as Bogdanovic’s game started. I was unable to put any guard in thereafter even though games had not started yet.


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I think I see what’s up here, will investigate ASAP

I like how lineup spots disappear after you’ve exhausted all of the games, but I’m thinking that the logic behind it might need some tweaking. Specifically, I’m looking at my Lineup Page for tonight (see screenshot):

As you can see, I have (1) game remaining for G and I’d like to slot in Desmond Bane for tonight. But I believe that the platform kicked Bane out of my lineup when LaVine’s game started. Bane happens to play tomorrow night and I can start him tomorrow, but I was thinking that the Clippers (tonight) were a better matchup than the Lakers (tomorrow).

So not the end of the world, but I’m not sure that it’s working as intended since I should be able to start Bane with my last G spot tonight.

I’m continuing to work on this FWIW, should have something up before games start today.

I’ve made a few changes this morning that should fix this issue. Locked players were being double counted when deciding how many slots the lineup page should show, and that’s been fixed.

There are still a few things that aren’t acting quite right, but unexpected benchings should not be an issue anymore.

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Is that 3 start per position per week a hard number? If I started a new league, do I have the option of making that 4, or even 5? Higher numbers would reward deeper rosters and not force everyone into studs/duds mode during the draft.

It’s a hard number.