When are players added to the 60-day DL?

I am looking for some clarification regarding rosters and the 60 day DL.
I have injured MadBum rostered. He has not yet been placed on the 60 day DL and is taking up a roster spot.
I put Kyle Gibson up for auction to replace MadBum, then vomitted in my mouth. I am also a Tigers fan so a kicked a can down the street for a few minutes.

A couple days later I “won” Kyle Gibson and he was added to my roster.

My roster is sits at 42 of 41 and my team is not in a valid state and I must cut a player, cant accept trades, etc.

my cap is $413 of $413

Can I do nothing and sit back and wait until Bumgarner is official placed on the 60 day DL (mos def before Opening Day this week), thus fixing my roster issue itself? OR

Will I still be required to cut a $2 I would rather keep to make my roster legit before the season starts?

Thanks and enjoy the day!

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That’s a tough break with Bumgarner.

We rely on official team moves to the 60-day DL. Over the last few years, we’ve learned that teams don’t always move players directly to the 60-day DL, unless they need another player on their 40-man roster. There’s no reason to free up the spot on the 40-man roster unless the team needs it.

So, depending on the 60-day DL to get you out of this situation is unreliable at best - it is unclear when the Giants will officially move Bumgarner to the 60-day, and in the mean time your roster will not be in a legal state. If Monday or Tuesday rolls around and he isn’t moved to the 60-day, I’d personally guess that the Giants are not in a rush to get him there.

Thanks, I think I will be Ok. I have Sale, Verlander, and picked up $1 Harvey and Wainwright’s old bones at the auction. Hopefully Waino can keep his arm attached for a couple months. Peace.

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