When Does the League Record Book get updated?

for H2H with playoffs is the record book only until the playoffs start? or does it go to the end of the season? When will it be updated?

The league record book is live - it checks daily to see what the best stat totals are for a league.

During the playoffs, if you don’t have a game (bye, eliminated) you do not accrue stats. Teams cannot accrue stats when they aren’t competing.

Playoff stats are not counted separately from regular season stats. They are all stats from the season.

This is obviously a low priority, but our league’s record book does not appear to be updating automatically. There appear to be at least a few records that were broken during the 2021 season. Thanks!


I noticed this as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s time to stop prefacing these posts about the record book with “this is obviously low priority”!! The masses are demanding the record book be given the love and attention it deserves!! Football and basketball be damned!!

This part isn’t true, it turns out. Leagues with playoffs will only have their regular season stats considered.

This is probably why it looks like the record book isn’t updated when it in fact is. It’s only considering regular season stats. You can verify this by going to the end of your league’s regular season on the standings page and seeing what the stat totals are on that date.

If you still see issues with the record book, please start a TechSupport thread.

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