Working on some baseball improvements

I’ve rolled out a couple of minor-ish things ahead of the redesign that I wanted to share:

  1. The graphs work now in the offseason. They are significantly more robust than they used to be. I will also be adding more graphs specific to points leagues (P/AB and P/IP) if possible.

  2. The trade block is significantly more useful. You can type in a player’s name and have your trade block automatically show salary, position eligibility, and a link to the player’s page. I’m continuing to improve UI around the trade experience, as this was a big hindrance to rolling out the redesign last week like I wanted to. So, look for more trade-related improvements soon!

Please use this thread for any constructive feedback. Thanks!


To glom onto this, I’ve just pushed some updates to the way “Targets” work on the Roster Organizer. Some bugs have been ironed out and I added a ‘Delete’ button to make it simpler to remove a potential target.

Hey Niv, wondering in FGPTS if we could have PA’s listed instead of AB? I think the majority of people look at Pts/GM and Pts/PA as rate stats. The Pts/AB isn’t nearly as useful since it doesn’t factor in BB’s and HBP. Thanks!


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Just updated most of my trade blocks, this is great! One request - possible to get the position and salary information to also carry over the view of the trade block on the team pages?


I believe I have implemented this change. Thanks @knightz03

These updates are really, really helpful (especially adding the $ and position automatically to the player). Thanks for pushing these. The “Initiate Trade” on the trade block posts is also a nice touch.

I still think long term it would be really cool if other owners could go on your roster or Block page and “click” interest in specific players, but I realize that could get complicated.

I also think a link on the message board to the actual Trade Block once your “…trade block has been updated!” has posted would make some sense.
Thanks for the updates

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Looking great! One thing that would be super cool: I frequently use the “search” function in the messages tab to remind myself about who indicated interest in certain guys, where previous discussions ended, etc. It’d be cool if we could do the same thing with previous trade offers. So for instance, if I wanted to see every time someone made an offer that included my Gerrit Cole, I could either click something from Cole’s player card, or else search his name in the “Trade Status & History” tab. The first way (actually tied to the player ID somehow) would be slightly niftier, but either one would do the trick. Thanks for all these improvements! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017.