Wrong start time for the Blue Jays-Reds game, 5/31/2017

Did Pillar lock early? If so, I’d like to unlock him and remove him from my lineup, since he’s not starting.

Yes, the Blue Jays/Reds game time was provided incorrectly. It was provided as 12:00 ET - ESPN has 12:37 ET. This has happened multiple times with Blue Jays home afternoon games, if I remember correctly.

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Well this is annoying. I wish I had seen this before noon ET today. At this point I can’t make this change, but I’ll check in with FanGraphs about getting updated schedules from our data providers.

This appears to affect all Blue Jays home games. Every Blue Jays home game starts right at the top of the hour according to the Ottoneu data provider - usually the correct start time will be 7:07 ET, or in the case of what happened the other day, 12:37 ET.