Need One Owner in Bull Durham (52)

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We have a need to replace an owner in Bull Durham (League 52), one of the longest running (and most active) leagues in Ottoneu. This is a FGPTS league with very engaged owners and are looking for someone that is responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to play for the long haul.

You can check league rules, prizes, and history here:

The roster available is here:


That roster had me at Trea Turner. I’ll take it. I’m a 25 year vet of roto and at my 4th year in Otto. I have 2 of the top 12 teams in the overall Otto power rankings this year, and 4 others that are first or 2nd. (In other words, I’m competent.) You can reach me at tarheelhitch @gmail


Great thanks. I have a couple of other owners interested and will get back to you guys this weekend.