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Ottoneu Updates

General updates from creator Niv Shah on the game and site of ottoneu fantasy sports

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball

This is the place to discuss all things fantasy baseball-related within the game of ottoneu.

Ottoneu Fantasy Football

This is the place to discuss all things fantasy football-related within the game of ottoneu.

Owners Wanted

A great forum to recruit new/replacement owners, promote a new league, or find a league that fits your personality.


A live feed of every trade that happens within ottoneu leagues. Take note of what Bryce Harper is being moved for, or comment on a trade you find particularly interesting. Also a great place for you to post your own trades and ask for feedback from the community.

Baseball Tools

Spreadsheets, calculators, dashboards - anything and everything that can help you get an edge in your league can be posted here. Feel free to share the best tools you're using (or building) for fantasy baseball.

Baseball Prospects

Forum dedicated to talking baseball prospects. We'll talk rankings, ratings, debuts, values - everything about prospects is here.

Baseball Polls

Crowdsourcing baseball information has never been easier. Take the poll!

Football Polls

Crowdsourcing football information has never been easier. Take the poll!

Ottoneu on RotoGraphs

Ottoneu is on RotoGraphs, with a bi-weekly post (W/F) on the latest news, analysis, and podcast for your fantasy baseball league. Check it out:


A forum for ottoneu players to provide feedback to creator Niv Shah and add to the "wishlist" of updates, changes, and additions you'd like to see from ottoneu in the future.

Ottoneu Fantasy Sports

General fantasy sports discussion - all within ottoneu.


Occasionally we’ll run contests around here that can get you a free season of Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball or Ottoneu Fantasy Football. This is where you can find all those contests!

General Sports

Hey, maybe you like sports. Other than fantasy sports, I mean. You know, real sports! Talk about them here.

Football Tools

All the tools, calculators, and resources you may need to gain an edge in Ottoneu Football. Check out this category often during the season.