2018 Playoff Options

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Thanks for the help

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Newbie here. Which week will the wildcard begin?

September 3 this season. The first full week in September, usually, depending on how the MLB season shakes out.

Hi. I’m trying to understand if there are 162 game limits for position players in H2H. It seems from reading the posts that there is such a limit. Understand and appreciate that limit for roto, but seems odd in H2H. I’m not sure part of gameplay should be thinking in Week 2 whether you should start your 3B b/c if you do, you might run out of 3B games in the playoffs. That doesn’t mimic “real” baseball at all. But maybe I’m missing something. Thanks.

Game limits are intended to keep all teams on the same scale and to remove streaming incentives. Staying under a full MLB season’s worth of games is not a particular large burden, and the benefit of keeping all teams on the same season-long scale is worth it.

Let me start by saying that I really appreciate your work in setting up ottoneu and your responsiveness here. But I still don’t understand this approach. All teams are already “on the same scale” with the roster size and salary cap.

And streaming is generally only an issue when teams use multiple starting pitchers in the hopes of winning counting stats - that is addressed here (somewhat) by the 2 SP limit, the 48-hour auction period, and the salary cap hit from cutting a player. I don’t really consider it streaming to put a starter in at your 2B position seven times in a week if the schedule works out.

And while keeping under 162 may not be a “large burden” - it most certainly is a burden when there are approx. 180 days in the season. I just don’t see any corresponding benefit to the limit - there is really no way to game the system (except by being attentive to daily lineups - which should be encouraged and rewarded).

If the issue here is that it would be difficult for you to alter setting in H2H since they are already set in Roto, that is another story and make sense. But, otherwise, I’m interested if anyone else agrees that the 162-game cap doesn’t make a lot of sense in H2H.



Hi everyone. I’m a first time Ottoneu commish and have two questions regarding the play-offs in a HTH Fangraphs points league format:

  1. If a team exceeds the 1500 inns pitching limit prior to the play-offs, are they then unable to earn points from pitchers during the playoffs? Or does the limit only apply to the fantasy regular season?

  2. Our league has opted for the extended semi-final play-off round starting in September. Is it possible to move the August 31 trade deadline to an earlier date in order to avoid play-off teams being able to load their rosters via trades in the days leading up to the play-offs? I haven’t been able to find such an option under commissioner tools.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

There will not be a 1500 IP limit in H2H, only a 162 game limit. The 2 SP slots effectively replaces all IP limits, both on a game and season-long basis.

As discussed in this thread, there will not be a change to the trade deadline. It is a universal deadline across all Ottoneu leagues and will affect everyone who has playoffs enabled equally, since playoffs will begin on September 3 of this year for all leagues that opt-in to the playoffs.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for the feedback Niv. This helped a lot.

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Hey @nivshah please confirm who makes the playoffs in 3 division wild card setups. Obviously the winner of each division, but are the next three teams the 2nd place team in each division, or the next three teams with the overall best records, regardless of divisions?

In an earlier post, it stated this: “Each division winner will make the playoffs, and from there the best records, with points scored acting as a tiebreaker. Playoffs will start either the first or second week of September, depending on if there is a wild-card round.” (Head-to-Head scoring coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2018

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I’ll edit the original post in this thread to clarify. I see that I was inconsistent between the two posts, and I’ll clean that up today. I apologize for the inconsistency, I know that can be frustrating.

Playoffs will start September 3 for all leagues that have opted in to playoffs.

Each division winner makes the playoffs. In leagues where more teams than just the division winners make the playoffs, playoff teams are picked based on best record regardless of division. If two teams have the same record, the tiebreaker is total points scored.

@nivshah Do non play-off teams get a consolation bracket so we can keep playing or is the season over for us next week?

There isn’t a consolation bracket for non-playoff teams this season, but I could implement that for next season, based on interest.

There will be a 3rd-place game for the two teams that lose in the semifinals in parallel to the championship game.

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I would like it, but I just like playing and it’s something I’ve gotten used to with other fantasy platforms but I get that there’s only so much you can do and a lot of times teams check-out at the end of season if they aren’t in contention.

I guess the only thing I’m super worried about is missing auctions because I don’t check the site anymore.

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That all makes sense to me, and I’ll look into it for next season. Make sure to turn on auction announcement emails!

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Sorry to be responding to such an old post but we are trying to understand the limits for h2H with playoffs and are confused by this post.

  • The rules say there are no positional or IP caps for H2H leagues but in this post, you say there is a 162 game limit for SP starts?
  • What are the 2 SP slots you are referring to in this post and how does it replace the IP limits?

Replying to my own post :roll_eyes:
So I see the rules were changed in 2020?

“In H2H leagues, there will no longer be season-long positional or IP caps. The per-matchup SP GS cap will be the only cap in H2H leagues this season.”
This 2020 rule change is still active in 2021?

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Yep you got it.