A way to search for leagues that use the 5 minor leaguer google sheet rule

Is there a way to search for leagues that use 5milb without having to click on the league and check the settings?
Hoping to find a 5x5 league with a open team that plays this way.
If there’s already a way to search for this, apologies for being too obtuse to find it on my own.

Best and thanks for all the great work!

Somewhat related to the OP’s request as it might help identify such leagues… perhaps a public list of leagues that are OPL ineligible? Goal isn’t to name and shame or whatever, rather just to identify the leagues that utilize alternative rule sets.

Or another possible solution is to have a column on the Claim Team page that indicates whether the league is OPL eligible (this is really something that a prospective league member should know right off the bat when deciding whether or not to join).

These are not officially supported add-ons and I won’t be adding any way to search for specific custom rules that aren’t supported.

They aren’t supported because they directly undermine Ottoneu’s economic system.

Sorting through which leagues are OPL eligible and aren’t will be done in a clear way that is presented to everyone but just isn’t a high priority before the keeper deadline.

Anyone joining a league that wants to play OPL should be pretty aware that 5MILB and arb coupons and other custom, unsupported rules will result in a league not being eligible for OPL. If anyone reading this wasn’t aware, well now you are.

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