Congrats to the winner of the 2023 OPL

A hearty overdue congratulations goes out to Third Degree Burnes :fire:, the winner of the 2023 OPL. They held off Iron Butterfly in the finals and had an overall excellent and consistent playoff performance.

Any of you who earned prizes in this year’s OPL should see them in your OPL prize tracker - let me know if anything seems amiss, either by using this thread or emailing

T-shirts will be made available in the store soon. Here’s the design for the 2023 OPL t-shirt

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Thanks, Niv! OPL is the best experience. Side note: It doesn’t look like Round 8 is showing up on my tracker.


I’ll double-check the round 8 prize soon.

Round 8 prizes should be showing up now.

I’m sorry if I missed this, but how do I put my order in for a shirt? I have the “generate coupon” code but not sure where to go from here.

Thank you!

The items aren’t quite in the store just yet. Should have a wide-ranging update on this stuff tomorrow.

Awesome, thank you (and thank you for the years of dedication to the community! I’ll be 13 years in the spring.)

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The store now has 2023 OPL prizes available.

The t-shirt

The bat

Congrats to all the winners!


I’ve made a change to all the 100% off t-shirt/bat coupons so that they include free shipping. Any future coupons you generate should include free shipping for the first t-shirt. Since subsequent t-shirts are $25 and we ship for free as long as your order is over $25, I think this should work for everyone who managed or co-managed a t-shirt winning team.

Thanks to @emptyflight for giving me a heads up on this.

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For anyone who has ordered a t-shirt so far and want a size other than L, please email!

For anyone who hasn’t ordered a t-shirt yet- I got the size options working again.

Bumping this thread - I believe the unused t-shirt coupons have at this point expired, but please let me know if you didn’t order a t-shirt as we have less than half of the free t-shirts claimed at this point.

EDIT: Visit your prize tracker to generate a coupon for a free t-shirt (including shipping!) and then buy it in the Ottoneu store.

I had two teams make the Top 32. I was holding off on ordering the second one so I could find someone who would want it and get their size. I am now trying to order the second T-shirt and my coupon is expired and the subsequent generated coupons are for $25. Am I only allotted one shirt?

Each team is given 3 coupons. The first coupon is for a free shirt, and the second/third coupons are for $25 t-shirts. It sounds like you generated a coupon for each team, and the second one expired? If so, email with the expired coupon code and I’ll delete those coupons so you can generate new ones.

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