Cut player button on player pages and other places

Anyone ever ask for a “cut player” button on player pages?

I searched but didn’t see anything about it.

Seems useful to me.

Baseball and Football

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This in my mind bumped a couple relevant requests:

The “cut” pages were built before the Roster Organizer existed and before player pages were as fleshed out as they are. Making the cut operation available on player pages and the Roster Organizer would, I think, remove the requirement of a dedicated ‘cut’ page. I really like these two ideas in tandem and will start working on them for football and baseball soon.


Can we get the option to cut a player from their player page?

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Ottoneu Baseball and Ottoneu Football player pages now have a “cut” button if the player is on your team’s roster. You can now cut players directly from this page.

The cut page for both football and baseball also highlights players in red who are marked as ‘cut’ on your roster organizer.

Please let me know if you run into any issues with these new features.

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