I am trying to learn how fantasy basketball works


Auction would be best just to give it as close to an Otto feel as possible, no?


Honestly I think auctioning will be even harder when not all of us know all the players. A snake draft would take a bit of the strategy out of it, which I think would be easier on us when many of us are basketball novices. And we’re really more looking at the in-season play, right? We all know how auctions work, but I don’t think we necessarily need to actually do an auction for this league.


That said I’m not THAT strongly opposed. If you guys want to do an auction I’ll roll with it!


I’m pro snake draft. just trying to learn in-season. happy to do auction if it will keep more people engaged


It doesn’t matter to me. Since it’s more of a learning experience either way is fine with me.


Hi how’s the research on scoring going. Any updates?


We are doing full season points, using points, blocks, steals, assists, rebounds, and turnovers (-1)


My personal goal, assuming I can’t win this league against actual basketball fans, is going to be to have the most blocks (while doing the best I can overall, of course). I want to watch highlights of my players blocking shots all day.


Quick question - what’s up with the limit on Centers when you look at the roster rules? Most positions say “no limit” or “n/a” but for Center there’s a limit of 2. 2 of what, you can only have two Centers on your roster? Or you can only start 2 in a lineup? Or something else?


You can only have 2 - there aren’t really a ton of centers out there, and we didn’t want someone snagging all of them. Kind of an interesting limitation, very specific to the NBA in its current form.