Illegal roster but not sure why

Hi Niv,

I have been looking for like 20 minutes and can’t figure out how my roster went from legal to illegal. My last transaction was several days ago. I imagine it has to be somebody who moved off the 60 day DL but can’t seem to find out who .Is there a way to check what happened to see why I am illegal?


Unfortunately since we are just given current IL status, we don’t have historical 60-day IL status.

You can look at the full list of MLB transactions:

I see Jaylin Davis was activated by the Giants yesterday, maybe that?

Could also be a covid or suspended guy. I had manoah come off the suspended list today

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that’s it Alex M…didn’t realize suspended list didn’t count as a roster spot…thank you!


Added last summer, so relatively recent despite being called out 3 years ago: