Isaiah Stewart Eligibility

Before the season Stewart had C/F eligibility, but looking at my lineup page he now shows only C eligibility. I would imagine the data provider must have made a change, but players shouldn’t lose eligibility in season, right? I drafted him and Jokic and Gobert with the expectation that Stewart would mostly play as a F in my lineup. Not sure if there are other players who have lost eligibility, but he’s the one I noticed this morning.

Talked this over with Justin offline and we found more than a few players who have had their eligibility change from the start of the season.

Unfortunately we are beholden to our data provider for this season on positions. Now that I know that positions can be dropped by our data provider, I will think about how to deal with this in the future. I’d prefer only eligibility gains, not losses in the future.

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Would it be possible to publish a list of players who have lost eligibilities? Looking at my roster, I don’t think that I’m affected (at least not yet), but people might want to track it.

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No, we don’t store historical positions. I think @eamuscatuli or @chy924 may be working on this off of previous roster exports.

Just put together the list of changes, you can see them here:

All told, 37 players currently rostered in ottoneu have had eligibility changes since I drafted in my league