Lg #837 15 MiLB Prospect Draft 2017


(1.10) Mitch Keller SP Pirates @Chris_Topher is up next


(1.11) Triston McKenzie, SP, Cleveland Indians.

@swindaman3 is up



@Chris_Topher is up


(2.02) A.J. Puk, SP, Oakland Athletics

@cbauer is now on the clock


(2.03) MacKenzie Gore SP San Diego Padres @underwig is next


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@LaParka710 if @underwig hasn’t made a selection by 10am (est), you are free to make your pick.


(2.04) jesus sanchez TB sorry for the delay


@LaParka710 is up


(2.05) I select Brendan McKay, 1B/SP, TB. You’re up, @Timmy_RedLeg.


(2.06) I select Hunter Greene. Pitcher, with the Cincinnati Reds.@orangefiftysix is on the clock.


(2.07) I’ll take LAD Starling Heredia (OF). @Robextend is on the clock.


(2.08) Alec Hansen P White Sox @saporitoe is up


2.09 - Keston Hiura - 2B - MIL

@hopshop your turn!


2.10 Taylor Trammell OF Cin
@KCrownTown is up


@hopshop I was hoping Trammell made it back around. Good pick. It kinda hurts my feelings though.


(2.11) Tyler O’Neill OF STL
@mherrmann Is on the Clock
@Timmy_RedLeg - Taylor Trammell Wouldn’t have gotten past me !!!


@mherrmann is on the clock, correct?


my bad , yes @mherrmann is on the clock


@KCrownTown I never had a chance did I?