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Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball so far seems pretty fun and successful other than one key problem: seeing the whole picture for setting lienups for the week. I’ve thought about what I’d like out of setting fantasy basketball lineups and put a lot of time into a new experience that I hope everyone likes as much as I do.

Behold the new Weekly View:

Let’s break it down.

Projected Games remaining has been added in, so as you are setting your lineups you can see if you’re set to fill out all your games.

Players are default sorted by salary and how recently they’ve been added, but you can sort them using the 3 vertical dots here to drag and drop them into whatever order you prefer.

Past games where you had players in the lineup are denoted by green. If you had a player in your lineup and they did not play (0mins played), this would be red instead, an indicator that a game that was planned on being used was not actually used.

This is the core of the experience. The bright green boxes are players in lineup who haven’t played yet. In this example, I’ve clicked on the box for C.J. McCollum’s game on February 5 vs Milwaukee. He’s already in the G slot, but I can move him to the available slots for that day. Util is grayed out because Jimmy Butler is in the one Util slot on February 5 already. Despite not having any more games available at G/F, I still have the option to put McCollum into the G/F slot. If I do this, the system will knock him out of the lineup at lock time and I will not gain his stats.

Here I’ve moved Jonas Valanciunas from C to Util for his game at Denver at 9pm tonight. You’ll note it has not affected his lineup position for Sunday at Houston at 7pm. Changes in the weekly view only affect specifically the day you’ve made the change - they will not persist. More on this in a moment.

The daily lineup experience remains mostly the same, but with a couple of key changes:

  • The projected games box is available here as well
  • Lineup changes made here will no longer persist. If you place a player in the lineup on this page, he will no longer automatically be in that lineup slot going forward. This is a massive change to how Ottoneu handles lineups across all sports. I think this makes sense for basketball because of the specific goals behind setting the basketball lineup - start by setting the lineup for the whole week, and then the daily view can be used to adjust based on chasing a specific stat or because someone got injured or has a rougher matchup. Lineup persistence was actually a hindrance that led to the Wishlist request for the Bench All Players button.

The Weekly View is available now as the new default lineup page experience. The Daily/Stats view is still available by clicking the “Daily” link underneath “View”.

My recommendation for getting started, especially this upcoming Monday when a new fantasy matchup starts:

  1. Bench All Players
  2. Order your player list so your key players are at the top
  3. Fill out all 27 games for the week, getting every position in Projected Games down to 0

You may experience inaccurate numbers in Projected Games, as I have not tested every single possibility, so please let me know if you see that or other bugs in the Tech Support forums. If you have any questions about how to use this page, feel free to ask here. I really hope you enjoy this new lineup experience! Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


projected games is a huge boost – thanks!

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This is truly great. You just saved me at least 15-20 minutes a week from having to figure this all out in Excel and then entering the lineups into Ottoneu. :slight_smile:


Massive improvement. Literally messaged my co manager today with this exact idea and boom.


I hate to be a naysayer, but I’m really struggling and now have to have two tabs to toggle back and forth between to set my lineup. Is there any way you can offer the old schedule view as an additional view?

That said, overall have loved the experience, thank you!

I’m not entirely clear why you need to switch between two tabs. Could you walk me through what you are trying to do?

Just to let you know, the screen shots in the original post are no longer showing up. Tested on both PC laptop and Android phone. If you click on one of the pics, it brings you to a screen that says there is a Dropbox error.

Oh hey look at that. Dropbox just changed how it stores screenshots and it has caused a little bit of a problem. Hopefully it is resolved shortly.

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You absolutely nailed this new feature, it’s incredibly impressive

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@ Ottoneu team: Whatever you did broke something in the lineup setting.

Yesterday I set my whole lineup. Today, everyone who was on the bench yesterday morning was back on the bench, and only the 3 players who started Sunday remained in my starting lineup.

When I set today’s lineup, it again does not carry over to tomorrow. Today’s lineup saves (I can leave the page and come back and it is right), but tomorrow’s lineup is again just those same 3 people I started on Sunday.

Incredibly frustrating to have to manually set everyday even some automatic starters. Additionally, because I assumed everything still worked as before and didn’t notice until after 7:00 EST, I missed out on some 7:00 games for players I thought I had put into my starting lineup already.

Are you using the new full week view? Have you ever clicked “Bench All Players” on this new view because that is recommended. Could you link to your league and tell me which team is yours?

This is what I meant by persistence in my original post. As a reminder:

It seems to me that you might be using the old lineup experience (daily view), perhaps due to using a bookmark to the lineup page or something like that. If you are setting the entire lineup for the whole week all at once using the new Weekly view, players are never automatically moved to the bench by the system.

Definitely with you that this was frustrating, but there are a ton of reasons for this design change and I think using the new experience (instead of the daily one) is going to be much less frustrating going forward.

I was using the daily lineup view.

I’m playing with the weekly view now and I see what you mean. I see the advantages here, and - while I get that this is a minor complaint - it is really annoying to have to manually insert Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum into my lineup for every game. There is no scenario where I’m ever benching them, and I never had to think about making sure to click on their names before this update. I think you should really figure out a way that I can click a player once and have the system just automatically assume I’m starting that player unless I specify otherwise.

Lastly, and I guess this is potentially unrelated, it kind of feels weird that this is getting implemented while it takes multiple clicks and several different tabs opening up to compare players head-to-head to make start/sit decisions (yes, the daily roster view shows their season stats, but season stats are functionally irrelevant to fantasy managers this late in the season). I suppose the two things aren’t necessarily related, but that just strikes me as such an obvious glaring all-hands-on-deck-until-it’s-fixed problem that I’d prefer to see the team focusing on.

It’s just me over here man.


It seems to me that the site has exactly the things you want.

If you want to put Doncic and Tatum in, just put them in for every game in the weekly view. It is not very many clicks and takes very little time. Set your whole lineup like this on Monday. You also have the added flexibility of setting yourself up to have flex spots towards the end of the week.

If you want to make a choice between two players on a given day, use the daily view. You can compare stats and make informed decisions, knowing it won’t affect the lineup you set up at the start of the week. This is precisely why this page no longer persists - it could create weird lineup states where you’d have 2 or 3 players in Util or whatever.

You can flip between the two views with one click so it doesn’t seem particularly onerous to me, and given the positive feedback so far I believe once you are more comfortable with this new view that you replied to a thread about but had not used yet, you’ll find it to be far better than what you were doing.

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