Ohtani salary counting 2x in Roster Organizer

Hi Niv! Thanks for making this change. I may be doing something incorrectly, but when I place the two Ohtanis in my roster organizer, it counts his salary twice. For purposes of budgeting, should I move one to “cut/trade” for this or am I doing something wrong?

I think you may want to clear your cache. I have Ohtani on my team in league 1 and his salary is not counting double even though he’s in Util and also SP for me. What position do you have him in?

Ah never mind, once I save it, it removes the double counting.

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Yeah there is some weird one-off stuff that Roster Organizer has to do to transition you to the brand new Ohtani world. Glad it sorted itself.

@nivshah thanks as always for the transparency. I notice that on the Roster Organizer page, Ohtani shows twice and his salary is double counted in my overall total at the top. Is there a way to avoid that double counting for more accurate roster planning (other than the manual workaround I’m using, which is putting him in “Cut” for one of the 2 positions, then adding back a placeholder with his name for $1)?

Whatever David did here, you should also do :slight_smile:

Thanks @nivshah - looks like it requires refreshing after making the change, all fixed now. Sorry for filling your inbox, I searched but didn’t find David’s thread (clearly didn’t search well enough)!

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Once you save the roster organizer and re-load the page, the additional salary is removed. Edit: sorry, didn’t see you already solved it!

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