Ottoneu Basics

Was double checking my calcs and finally unearthed this article. Feels like I had to dig for it, though. Would recommend these tables be included in the Rules for pts and sabr leagues. Maybe the League Settings page?

And I have per your suggestion added this page:

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Nice! As usual I just didn’t see something. Although I’m not sure in this case I’d even find them in that new location. Maybe it has to do with the separation of the primary menu from the secondary menu. I hadn’t noticed there were more to Rules than Rules until you pointed it out. It could also be that I’m over-opinionated. Thanks Niv.


I’ll link the scoring setting on the league settings over to that new Scoring Options page.


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I’m totally new here and I’m looking at giving Ottoneu a try. First question is where do I start? Are there still rookie leagues going?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Like I say, looking to start from scratch.



Start here: Resources for *new* ottoneu Fantasy Baseball owners

Read the rules. Ask questions. People are pretty helpful. I played Ottoneu for the first time and won one of my leagues.

There are leagues that specify that they are intended for those new to Ottoneu.

Good luck!


Welcome to Ottoneu! Feel free to hit me up directly if you have any questions getting going. There should be a lot of beginners coming over soon, but it does not look like any beginner leagues have formed for 2019 just yet. You could start a thread to gauge interest in the Owners Wanted forum, or see if there’s a league you may want to join in that forum.

The link @walt526 shared is the best place to start to understand the game. Again, let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks both. I will have a look at the newbie section and make my way to the Owners Wanted section too. Looks and sounds like it will be a lot of fun.


I’m new to Ottoneu & I’m super excited to start a team or two. Hoping someone could help me with random questions I had:

What’s the easiest way to get a team? I looked in the open leagues but right now none of the draft times match my availability. Should I start a league or maybe try to grab an open team on established league?

Are there offline, slow drafts at all? This might help with my first issue if I can’t get a night or two to draft.

What’s a good way to go about selecting a free team on a league of I go that route? Just look for a roster where players are under or appropriately valued & there aren’t any serious overpays? Would it be easier to pick a more or less full roster?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions later, but it seems like this is a great community to help out newbies like myself.


Welcome to Ottoneu!

To get started I would look at the Owners Wanted forum - this is probably the best way to pick out a team right now. There are some rookie leagues forming, there are some teams that need new owners, etc. You can pick through and see what looks like a good fit.

Some folks are starting to use Couch Managers as a slow draft option, you’ll see it mentioned in the Owners Wanted forum here and there.

The most important thing when selecting a team that needs a new owner is the other 11 people in the league. Check out the message board, get a feel for the folks who are in the league. When picking up a new team, you always get a set of penalty-free cuts, so having a few good assets is great, but if you see anyone over priced you should feel confident that you can throw them back before the draft.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the help! I read the rules & FAQ, but must’ve totally missed the part that new owners to a team can make free cuts. That makes picking a team a lot easier. Sounds like in that case, you should be looking for a team with a handful of valuable assets, & not worry if there are “bad contracts”.

Does anyone know how long the slow draft on couch managers takes? Sounds like it might be a solid option if it’s hard to get all 12 people together at once

You can get it done in 4-7 days depending how many players you have up for bid at a given time and how you adjust the time limitations as you progress through the draft. One thing I would caution on a slow auction for a beginner league is of you don’t understand valuations properly it will get pretty ugly. I would not recommend this as an alternative to a live draft of you are new to ottoneu unless you have no other alternative.

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Hmm interesting. I figured it would be almost easier to do slow draft since you have more time. Is it just because there’s likely 36 players up at a time, and it’s hard to juggle it all?

hey, I’m new to this site, was wondering if it was possible to go through the draft process on mobile?

It can run on mobile and some experienced players have done auction drafts on mobile, but I do not recommend it for a new user. The draft moves fast and is a ton of fun, but with so much going on its hard to track on mobile.

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