Should pitcher inning limits be treated the same as game limits?


I am opposed to the practice of exploiting known bugs :slight_smile:

I think there should be a hard game limit and a soft innings cap, not only because that is how things work now (though that is convenient). I think it gets to the core issue, which is that games and innings are different, and that is ok. Pitchers and hitters fundamentally have a different measure of “time played”.

I don’t know if I personally would scramble to add pitchers in order to maximize the innings I could get in a season, but I haven’t been in a tight race in a while. If you’re willing to drop useful assets in order to get a mediocre starter on the day you will hit your innings cap, more power to you - you’re making the kind of hard decisions this game is designed to evoke.


I like the soft innings cap and hope it stays in place