Tracking the Success of Your Trades Over Time?

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Prospects in general have been pretty disappointing this year. If I recall I think @jjdouglas predicted that there would be some perceived downturn after last year was amazing for young players, so he definitely hit the nail on the head there


I think you can cross-reference forum posts like thus:

@pmart1995 was looking for feedback on this trade


@nivshah @pmart1995 My instinct is to like that deal for the team unloading McCutchen and Kintzler - I’m a fan of Suarez and Herrera/Williams are good values. Good work by the buying team to pick up Hendricks at 6 though, I think that definitely helps temper the pain of buying primarily rental players.


The inclusion of Adam Eaton at $7 is kind of what throws this trade off for me. He’s probably the best piece here and I’m not sure I would have included him if I were trying to snag the cheaper side of the deal (Suarez, Odubel, Williams, Rodon). Either way this doesn’t appear too lopsided and I can see it from both sides pretty easily. The value of Nick Williams could be significantly different (better) in 5x5 than FGPTS, too.


I prefer Hendricks and Eaton here regardless of situation. I think in an effort to ditch cutch, the seller gave the 2 best pieces in the deal.


I think I’m liking this Trea Turner trade more and more @joecatz :slight_smile:


I occasionally use this feed to track trades over time, and this prospect-oriented deal will be an interesting one to watch @DSpracale.


There was some discussion last year about how do you track the success of your trades over time (especially those involving @prospects). For those of you in the @community that want a place to go back and see how you’ve done over time (or ask for feedback from the rest of the community), feel free to post them in this feed. If you add the players’ names to your post, you can easily search for the trade/post to reevaluate how your trade looks months or years later.


This trade was made last May and I think we’d do this one again, wouldn’t we @OttoneuTrades? Could look different in May of 2017, but we’ll see…


The part of the deal that I am most concerned about is Bour. I really think he could be a really nice asset this season if he stays healthy. Adames is going to be a monster too and ultimately this could be a deal we look at and laugh at me because I gave up the next Corey Seager.


I’d be thrilled if Adames becomes the next Seager or Correa, but that’s probably the absolute best case scenario. If nothing else Bour should be an Adam Lind-type platoon at 1B this year. I’ll take that for $5.


Also, this came up in the Slack community as well…

I am up to 10 Ottoneu squads (adding a couple more before this offseason is over too) and I was going through some old messages in a team that I took over around the trade deadline last year and found this…

In 14 days in 2014, the guy who owned the team previously, managed to acquire Kris Bryant ($9), Mookie Betts ($1!!!) and Nolan Arenado ($12) for pieces like a $31 Jason Heyward a $16 Martin Prado and a $25 Matt Cain. He then turned around and just gave Mookie away.

I am now planning on going through all of the teams that I’ve inherited and looking at the trade history of each. I plan on putting something together to share here just because I think it’ll be fascinating to try and figure out the thought processes.


This helped me win the league, so no regrets.


What’s Turner up to after arbitration? Our owner is paying 21 now.


Turner got boosted to $17 after arbitration. Should still be well worth it…


Yeah, even if you give up great prospects that turn into great players, it’s hard not to like it if the move helps you win. Great trade nabbing Kluber.


We’ll have to revisit this challenge trade at the end of the season @kmcabee:


So this trade was made almost 18 months ago and I’d still say the Kluber side is still the winner here, though Taillon could be put it all together this year, if healthy.


Now one year later, I still think I’d want the Chapman side here for 2018…thoughts @DSpracale?


We’ll have to come back to this one about a year from now and see how it works out @TheRick. This entire trade for me will be determined by how “real” Chris Taylor is in 2018…but I also really like Kyle Tucker