Welcome to the Ottoneu Community

Welcome to the official Ottoneu Community!

Regardless of whether you’re a five year Ottoneu veteran, or a brand new rookie to the game, this community is your primary resource for all things related to Ottoneu fantasy sports. Some of the resources available to you here include:

  • Ottoneu game and development updates from creator Niv Shah (and a wish list where you can request your own changes to the game)
  • All the latest links to Ottoneu on RotoGraphs
  • Player news, profiles, and analysis that helps you get the edge in both football and baseball
  • In depth discussion of rules and strategy from experienced Ottoneu owners
  • Critical, crowd-sourced tools (calculators, projections, graphs, dashboards, etc.) that help you prepare for your upcoming auction and fantasy season
  • Prospects - great source for rankings, ratings, and values within the context of the game of Ottoneu (you might even want to join the prospect distribution list)
  • Owners Wanted – a place you can search for a new league or recruit to fill your own
  • Trade Reviews – post your recent trade for feedback or get advice before you pull the trigger
  • A place for basic questions about how the game of Ottoneu works (loans, arbitration, auction draft, etc.)
  • The fan favorite Ottoneu podcast.

Most than anything else however, is the sense of community – the opportunity to get to know hundreds of other fans passionate about sports within the context of Ottoneu. There is a wide range of knowledge, skill, and expertise within this community that you can pull from to sharpen your game, so jump in head first and don’t be shy about getting involved, asking questions, and offering your own ideas. The more involved you get, the higher your trust level, so it won’t take long for you to become a trusted advisor to many of the new fans joining this advanced game. This is why we play the game of Ottoneu in the first place: http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/why-you-should-play-ottoneu/

Again, welcome to the Ottoneu community! If you have any questions (or just want to request your badge) as you get started just ping the “@OttoGraphs” team and we’ll be happy to help. Enjoy!

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What is Ottoneu?

So what’s next? This might be a good place to start: http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/what-is-ottoneu/

Ottoneu “Rookie” Leagues

If you’re brand new to Ottoneu and looking for a beginner league or just a place to ask questions, we can add you to the @Ottoneu101 distribution list. More on beginner leagues here.

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