04/10/21 SP Not Showing Up in Lineup Page

The SP are not currently being listed on the Lineup Page (league 471–haven’t checked other leagues). I’m not sure what’s going on, because they were definitely there last night. It just says “N/A” for each.

This occasionally happens and a refresh almost always fixes it.

I see we aren’t showing the projected starter for Arizona and will investigate.

Looks like they’re back now. Thanks!

Montas still not showing for Oakland vs. Houston.

Montas now there.

  1. I’ve put in a request with our data provider to link up Riley Smith (ARI) - it’s a Saturday so I’m not sure when they will get to it.

  2. I’ve made a change to how we parse projected starting pitchers that will reduce the chance of seeing N/A temporarily.

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Got word from our data provider that Riley Smith has been linked up.