1 More Owner needed! Drafting TOMORROW (Saturday)5x5 Old School - $100

I started a 5x5 Old School $100 league but have only managed 3 total owners so far. We’re all motivated, active owners looking to establish a long-term league.

Since it’s slow-going so far, I figured I’d throw a shout out to anyone interested. If there is another partially-full league, perhaps we can consider combining the two.

The league is Sophomore Slump

Any chance you could change the draft ? If the date worked for me I would join.

I’ll have to check with the others, but we kinda set the date just to have it set and make it work. What dates work for you?

March 10 would be awesome

Hey all, anyone looking to draft today and interested in taking over this team in this league – we had an owner drop out last minute before our draft (today, Sun Feb 24 at 6:30pm EST). Highly competitive league, and you’d be taking over a team with a really solid core (Betts, Lindor, Bregman, Acuna, Ohtani, Folty) and lots of budget to work with in our upcoming draft. Please let me know ASAP.

I just setup a league. I named it diamond dynasty. if your league would like to join we would only need to fill two spots. Which I don’t think will be a problem.

The draft date doesn’t work for a few of the guys, otherwise we would have moved it back in our league.

League 755 is open for 3 spots, our draft date is flexible

I say we all meet at the $75 5x5 league with 10 MiLB spots. I can’t draft past 3/16, but I think the 8th and 9th is what the $75 league is doing. Does that work for you guys?

We’re up to 7 now with a few more showing interest. Here’s another shout out to anyone looking to join a new league that is looking to draft Saturday.

Hi, saw your league, I am interested, been doing fantasy for many years, haven’t used this site though. Trying to figure out how long this would take. Would you have a break in the middle of it? Thanks,

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’ve been in a more standard league, and this is my first year in Ottoneu. A few friends did it for the first time last year and wouldn’t shut up about it, lol…it does seem like a great format.

Yes, so the plan is to go a couple hours, break, few hours, break. If absolutely necessary we may finish up another day, but we’re really trying to do it all Saturday. Should be a blast!

Sign up if you think it’ll work out for you.


ok, just joined, hope we can fill

Hey glad to see your filling up

Yeah man, thanks…last minute push to the finish line!

Make sure to visit the Available Owners page and email anyone who might be interested in 5x5