1 more owner needed

Hi Everyone,

I run a fairly competitive 10-team SABR points league (other owners are very stat-oriented), and need one more owner for a draft tonight. price is $9.99 for the team. anyone interested?

What time is the draft? I may be able to jump in

8PM ET. let me know.

Is this a re-draft or a starter league?

its a re-draft. a lot is out there.

Link to the team I would be taking over?


you have some high value pieces-and a lot of $$.

Interesting, but I think I’m going to have to pass tonight. Thanks though!

I want to join your league. I have played fantasy baseball for over 20 yrs Can I still cut players before draft?

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hi-yes you can. let me know if you want the spot we can do that.

I’ll take the spot just need the password I guess haven’t sign up like this before thanks

ok can you direct message me?

i sent you the password via direct message. let me know if you were able to complete.