10 day IL roster spot

I would like to have a category to move players on the 10 day DL. Treat it like the 60 day DL and don’t count those players as a roster spot. If you have the cap space you can go grab a temporary player that you can cut later. Some of the guys in the 10 day are out just 10 days but a lot of them are out 6-10 weeks and for those I would want to grab a replacement. May not work for everyone but allows a better chance to fill a roster in a week to week basis.

This isn’t how the 10-day works in MLB. The player counts against the 40-man roster on the 10-day, but not on the 60-day. Ottoneu’s rules are meant to mirror that.


That makes sense.

Kind of similar to this, but still keeping with the spirit of actual MLB rules: I’d love to see a way to add players to the 60IL even if they’re designated as 10IL by their major league club. For example, Lance McCullers hasn’t played a game this season and the Astros have indicated that he won’t play in one for the rest of the year while rehabbing from TJ. However since the Astros haven’t placed him on the 60 day, he’s been occupying a roster spot. Would there be a way to allow owners to place players who are designated as 10IL onto their 60day to clear up a roster spot? I envision this working by either not allowing managers to “activate” or place the player in their starting lineups for 60 days after they move the player to their 60Day, or only allowing the manager to place the player on the 60day (and thus opening a valuable roster spot) after the player has spent 60 consecutive days on the 10 day IL.

I’d agree its frustrating when teams don’t put players on the 60 day DL when its obvious they are going to be out longer, but I’d still say the current setting is the best way to handle this issue with consistency.

It seems like the streaming-ish use of the 10 day IL by MLB clubs would be hard to stay on top of in real time for a fantasy platform. Like, the interface would be a day or two behind sometimes, maybe not…

I might be wrong, but didn’t MLB already decide to revert back to 15 day DL next season? That alone will probably facilitate MLB teams placing injured players on the 60 DL more timely to open spots on the 40 man roster.

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