$100 5x5 Roto plus $20 Ottoneu Fee


5x5 Roto looking for one owner. Team is listed above. Anyone interested please message me…

Looks like my current league is folding. This team still available ?

Yes it a $100 league with a $20 league fee. Guys are good tho. Love to have u if u are interested.

Yep. Thanks

If u decide to take it just claim it, take your time and give me your drops, and the only other thing I would need is what dates dont work for u for a draft date. The team is currently listed as abandoned. Its a good league I am in a lot of leagues with these guys.

Asks for league password when I claim it

The other guy set it up. I am not sure of the password. Maybe ottoneu. Give me your ottoneu name I will just add U.


This team is currently marked as abandoned, so it can be claimed by anyone. Have your new owner claim this team. This what its giving me. Try Ottoneu or Yankees as the password. If not the team is yours just let me find out what he listed as the password.

Neither work. Let me know what you find out. Thanks.

I will sry for the mix up. Like I said the team is yours I will get u in. I just sent out a notice to the league. I will get u the password. I am on east coast time so as soon as I get up and going, I will post u what the password is. Welcome to the league. The team u are taking isn’t that bad.

If you have commissioner privileges, you can always just change the password if no one remembers what it was. I’m 95% sure that you don’t need to know the previous password to change it if you’re the commissioner (not currently a commissioner in any of my leagues, so don’t know for sure).

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The password is astros

A second team expired in this league. An additional team is up to be claimed. The team is listed above…The password again is Astros…