$100 FgPts League - Two Available Teams

Hi all, our long-running $100 FgPts league has two available teams. Active, competitive league! Both teams were rebuilding last season so have a solid base of cheaper young talent and just need a new manager to push them back into contention!

This roster has a solid, reasonably priced pitching staff with some young bats such as Kelenic and Vaughn to build around:

This roster has some cheap 2021 breakouts such as Mullins, Cronenworth, Adolis, etc and should have plenty of cap room to supplement at auction:

Both are available to be claimed on the Available Teams page if interested:

Thanks for looking, and good luck all!


I’m interested in taking The Bohm Squad!

EDIT: Reread your post and used the link to claim.

Great, welcome to the league!

One team left (the second one listed above) if anyone else is interested?