12 Hosmer, 3 Jimenez, 2 Rosario, 4 Meadows for 33 Arenado 8 Myers?

Give up $12 Hosmer, $3 Eloy Jimenez, $2 Rosario or $2 Rodgers, $4 Meadows for $33 Arenado, $8 Wil Myers or $7 Trumbo?

Who do you guys like more rodgers or rosario?

who do you guys like more myers or trumbo?


@eamuscatuli @LuckyStrikes

I like Myers for $8 more than Trumbo for $7

I have a harder time differentiating Rosario vs Rodgers at $2 each.

I would prefer Myers to Trumbo, and I would rather give up both Rodgers and Rosario if you can somehow keep Meadows out of that deal

That bullish on meadows?

I have a lot of confidence he’ll be the most fantasy relevant (is this FGPTS?) and will help the soonest, too, which always matters. I don’t see Rodgers before late 2018, and even though Rosario could debut this season I don’t think he lights the world on fire right out of the gate. Meadows would be my preferred keeper of those three in FGPTS

this is a 5x5 league

Myers over Trumbo for sure. I would rank Jimenez the higest of those prospects. The Meadows/Rodgers thing is tough. Meadows sort of had a lost year in 2017. He has MASSIVE upside, if he rebound. Rodgers, however, is a MI prospect. In Coors. And is already a better hitter than Story and LeMahieu. All of that is massively valueable in Ottoneu. And Meadows is closer but it’s not as if Rodgers is in Low A ball. I’ve just talked myself into Rogers, I think.