1st Year - Fangraphs Points - $100

Hi all!

I’m looking for owners interested in joining a new Ottoneu league. Fangraphs points scoring. Migrating a group of friends over from another league and need some more active owners to join up (couldn’t convince some to make the time investment in this style of league).

Looking to continue this league long-term. Please let me know if you’re interested in having some fun for years to come.

Ignore the draft date. We’ll find something that works for everyone.

If you’re interested, please reach out to me, haeric@gmail.com

Hi there! Are you doing weekly or daily transactions?

I was going to let the league vote on this and decide. Currently leaning towards weekly, but most owners are open to either.

Let me know if you are still interested!

Yes, I’d be very interested if weekly. I’m not able to commit to daily. Let me know!

2 interested here … our old league on Yahoo went belly up …we were in it for 20 years.
Doug ..spcwrg24@fuse.net
Eric … eemays@hotmail.com

prefer daily lineups

We are going with weekly line-ups. Likely leaning on doing a “slow” draft so we folks can draft at their leisure.

Still looking for a few owners, so please reach out!


still interested even if weekly …

Hey Doug - I’m going to shoot you both an email shortly. Look out for that!

How are u going to do a slow draft ?

Likely utilizing couch managers - or something similar. Are you interested in joining our group?

Confirmed that we are using couch managers for the slow draft and would like to get this kicked off as soon as possible. Looking for a few more active owners, feel free to reach out with any questions!


We’re still looking for a few more owners! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feel free to join up.

Was interested and joined, but then I came here and found the auction to be done elsewhere. I liked the live auction option on 3/17. Oh well.

No worries kevster28. We are planning on a slow draft utilizing couch managers, which adds an extra layer of strategy for cap room planning. Still looking for 4-5 owners - feel free to reach out if there are any questions.