1st Year - Old School Roto - $75 (Filled)

Hi, my name is Tyler!

I’m looking for owners interested in joining a brand new Ottoneu league. We’re sticking with the traditional roots of fantasy and doing the classic 5x5 roto scoring. We’ve got a group of owners who are long-time fantasy players but taking our first shot at Ottoneu.

The things to know about this league is that it’s a group of baseball-loving owners. We will trade, banter, compete, discuss, think each other our idiots, support, and keep at the heart of it all, that this is for fun! So if at the end of the day you aren’t having fun, we need to discuss if this league is appropriate for you! = )

If you’re interested, please let me know!

Our draft is March 9, 2019 @ 10am EST.

Just wondering why the Join a League page shows 11 openings if there are a group of owners? People may be more inclined to join if they see multiple slots are filled.

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Glad you asked that @Mulligan!

I just created this league and sent out the emails on Saturday, so it’s only a matter of time before you start to see slots fill up. I would bet you’ll see the " group of owners" referenced above before long.

To you and anyone else that might be interested I would say, you’re welcome to join at any time, obviously, if you want to guarantee your spot and perhaps have a higher slot in the nomination order than join sooner. If you don’t want to take the risk of the league not forming then wait until it starts to fill up and try to join after it gains momentum.

Thanks for the question @Mulligan!

The League is starting to fill!

Nine* spots remaining so make sure to claim your spot now!

League Name: Party Deck

Why Party Deck? Since we’re based in Colorado, we took the name from the Rooftop Section of Coors Field. Officially it’s the Rooftop; unofficially it’s the “Party Deck”!

*Multiple invites pending, so the official number is 9, but I expect that to decrease shortly.

money league? auction or draft? keepers? interested

where do I sign up?

Yes, money league ($75). It’s an auction draft and you keep all the players you can afford to keep.

Other thing to note is that we’re using daily lineups, not weekly.

Still interested?

I’d be interested in a first year league if you still have room

I’m interested in this league. I’m a long time fantasy player but this would be my first Ottoneu league also.

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I’ll send you the link and password directly!


I’m definitely interested in this league. Let me know if there’s room!

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Hey! Sent you a direct message.

“5” open spots less the 2 invites sent, means only 3 spots available!

The league is now full! Pending the invites I’ve sent out

If anything changes, or someone falls through, I’ll repost any open spots here.

Please let me know if a spot opens up. Thanks!

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I had one spot open up due to a team dropping out! Draft is Sat March 9, 10AM EST. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’ve got two owners who may have to drop due to a conflict with the draft, so if you’re interested in an old school, 5x5, brand new league, drafting this Sat, Mar 9 @ 10am EST, please let me know!

I’m interested in joining. Please send me the details if there is still an available spot.