2 4x4 openings

We are in our 8th season coming up. Stable good group. $20 league, but we do a $100 entry fee on the side with payouts to top 4.

Have you filled these?

I do have an opening. My name is Derek. I just took over the league. It’s been together for probably close to 8-10 years. Just wanna make sure we get the right guy. Do you have much experience in fantasy baseball?

Derek, nice to meet you. I’m Jared.

I do have plenty of fantasy baseball experience. I’m in a keeper league, several dynasty, and a handful of re-drafts. 3 leagues I participated in last year ended and I’m looking to replace those. The 4x4 Ottoneu classic has always interested me.

I’d love to see the team and see if it’s a good fit for me, as well. I’m a very competitive and active owner. I love trading- and I’m not afraid to give up value in trades. Thanks for consideration.


Good to hear about the experience. This is pretty good league with some active members. We do the normal $20 league fee for ottoneu. Then we also do a $100 side pool through paypal or league safe. I haven’t decided which one yet. I’m taking over for the commish who was my friend. He didn’t have enough time anymore so I took over the commish. Here would be your team: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/123/team?team=768 I do think it would be a good team to start with with some decent cheap pieces. I don’t know if you’ve had an ottoneu team before, but final cuts on your team would be January 31st. After that, all FA go into the auction draft which we will probably do some time in March. How does this sound to you and would this team work for you?

I have one question- is the league pretty active? Would I be able to come in and put my own stamp on my team via trades? If so, I think I’d be a good fit.

Happy new year.

I would say 3-4 guys are super active. Another 6-8 are active and check, but don’t offer trades as much. The two that left didn’t do too much. I’ve enjoyed the league which is why I took over the commish roles. It seems to be a good group with no jackwagons. It’s either top 3 or top 4 payout. I think it’s been top 4 in the past but have been thinking about that. Do you have any questions on how ottoneu works or any little things before we finalize anything?

Just checking in. Did you have any other questions and did you want to join?

Sorry for late response…I’ve come down with the flu. I will get back with you shortly.

How is that flu going? My wife and I just had our third kid in the mean time. I’m wondering if your in or out. If your in, great. If not I need to find other options.

Thanks Jared.

If he’s out I would be interested. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball since I was probably 12 years old and using dial up internet. I love it and am active.

I’m sure I’m late to the game since i’m figuring out how community works, are you interested in the league still. We have 1 opening. League has been around since 2011. Good active league. $100 league safe fee.