2 Owners Needed for FG Points League

We’re in our 4th year and I think we have 10 solid and active owners now, just looking for 2 more to take over abandoned teams. We do a $40 buy-in through leaguesafe.com with payouts for the top 4 although that isn’t necessarily mandatory. Here’s the rosters of the two teams:



And here’s the link to our Surplus Value Calculator if you want to gauge where you’re at…

I’m going to abandon the teams tomorrow and let anyone grab them that comes across the claims team page but I thought I’d give first shot to someone here. Just let me know if you have questions and which team you’d like…obviously prefer owners that are engaged and check their email every few days and respond…doesn’t sound like much but you’d be surprised.

Are these two teams still available?

for the moment they are indeed filled up :slight_smile: I’ll let you know if it changes.