2 owners needed in Fangraph Points League

Currently looking for 2 owners to fill our league. Second year league that switched to a $50 buy-in so it is a prize league. Format is Fangraph points with allocation for arbitration.

Team 1: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/1039/team?team=7287

Team 2:

Both owners pretty much bailed halfway through the season so the rosters haven’t been touched in a while. With cut season ending, new owners of these teams will get extended time to make penalty free cuts to get the teams to their liking before the draft.

The league is open so if you’re interested please feel free to claim a team. Any questions please feel free to ask. Draft date will be decided once we get the teams covered.

I’m interested. don’t care which team. draft date is important. will back out if draft date doesn’t work. your call.


Draft date won’t be set until teams are claimed. We’re looking to draft as soon as possible but I can’t give even a rough guess as to when that might happen. What are your parameters for draft date?

I’m in to take the first team - winning mitch.


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Outstanding. Thanks for joining and welcome aboard.

im in, If the 2nd Team is still available.

It is! Feel free to claim. That will fill us up and then we can work out a draft date once you do your free cuts.


I’m interested in team 1.


Either team still available?

Both teams have been claimed and the league is full. If anything would happen to change I’ll report back here in case anyone is still interested.

Thank you for the interest and good luck this season.