2 SP slots in playoffs

Hey Niv, I set up GS pitching limits for 938 playoffs (H2H for playoffs after pts regular season) and we only see 2 SP slots for the day. Is that correct? I was under the impression there would be 5 per day but I could be wrong. Thanks!

That seems wrong. Let me look into it.

Ok, playoff GS Cap settings should be properly read by the lineup page now. Let me know if this is still an issue.

Stupid question, our league does 10 GS per week, but I see 5 GS for playoffs, is that an independent setting for playoffs?

League settings say 10 GS per regular season and playoffs, but lineups is showing 5 (league 880)

Yeah I see that in both 938 and 880. Looking into it, but shouldn’t affect lineups today.

Was a display-only bug with the fix I rolled out 30 minutes ago. Should be fixed now.

We’re having this issue in 863 as well.

If your league has no GS cap set for the playoffs, you’ll have default H2H rules from when H2H was rolled out in 2018. That means 2SP per day. This is outlined on the rules page.

League 863 has no GS cap set for the playoffs.

If your commissioner made an oversight, they can email me (help@ottoneu.com) and I’ll update the playoff settings.

Much appreciated Niv! You’re the man as always!

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In 1043 it seems to only allow 2 slots. It only scored 2 pitchers of his 3 yesterday.

In 1043 we set it for 9 starts and there is a counter but it seems to only allow for 2 starts. It is hard to tell but for one team it only scored for 2 of his 3 yesterday.

Which team? If you can link to their lineup page that would be helpful. Thanks!

MoneyBall Prime - he didn’t get any score for Buehler who I think scored negative 1.4

Here is the stat page.

Ok, this was a different issue and I think should be resolved shortly. Thanks for pointing it out!

Team=Moneyball prime

Confirmed this is now fixed for that team.

Thank you.