$20 FGPts League 120 (est. 2011) needs one owner

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Looks like we need someone to take over The Good The Bad and the Ugly in the long-running Fourteenth Inning Stretch (League 120). Offense is pretty ugly but the pitching has some studs at reasonable rates. I think you’ll get a round of free cuts before auction, but pieces include:

$37 Correa, $16 Moose, $13 Winker, $11 Smith, $6 Myers
$28 Yu, $16 Gallen, $15 Musgrove, $13 Wheeler, $12 Gray

Hoping to draft in the next few weeks so would be great ot get it filled!

New to Ottoneu, but not Fantasy. I’m interested.


Hi @hahiggins - I’m interested if team is still available. I haven’t had a team since 2018 but I played for years prior to then, originally in league 52.

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Awesome, thanks both. I’ve sent your names on to the commissioner and hope he can reach out to make this happen.