$20 H2H FGraphs team available

Pretty good squad

I’m interested, is it still available?

Looks like there are 7 teams available with a commissioner (not jaw31601) that isn’t exactly working hard to fill the spots. Or am I mistaken?

Yeah I saw that on the board but figured it had been taken care of by now… guess not, judging by the last visit date on those teams.

We just had the commissioner changed a week or so ago. The previous guy was a complete failure. There are some pretty good teams without managers, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to keep this group going. We’d love to have you guys join us. If you’re interested just let me know which team you’d like to helm and I’ll ask the new guy to get you setup. Thanks!

Yeah count me in, I’d love to help you guys with that challenge. There don’t seem to be too many H2H (especially 2 match-ups per week) leagues, so you have a differential there that could help attracting new owners. Can you get me set up with Money Ballers?

Absolutely. I’ll let the new commish know right away. Thanks for jumping in, I look forward to competing against you!!

Here’s another one. This was the former commissioner’s team. Finished dead last because he stopped setting lineups. Not a bad lineup at all.

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Hey guys…hit me up should you need another. Would love a two game/week league.