$20 H2H League looking for an owner

The team is posted on the Claim a team page as is the only H2H team available at the moment. The League name is Public League 131 and we are just voting on GS limit and arbitration method for 2019 so jump in and have your say.

Final available team has been posted on the Claim a team page. Check it out if you are interested. We still need one more vote to decide the GS limit.

We just had an owner bail while he was in the middle of a playoff race, if anyone is interested in finishing out the year, the team can be claimed from the abandoned teams section. Current record was 15-5 or something like that.

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Is this still available?

Thank you for your interest. Sorry but the team has already been claimed.

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Hey All,

We have only 1 team available this offseason and are looking for a replacement. Good Dozier Hunting is available from the teams list. Any questions, let me know.


Unfortunately we lost an owner this month so are looking for a replacement GM. The team is Death Valley Bighorns and the league is named Public League 131. Team is listed under available teams to claim but will probably be shown under expired teams as of February 1st. If there are any questions you can post here. Thank you.


Iā€™m interested! Is it still available?

Sorry Brooks, the team has already been claimed.