2016 FGPTS Power Rankings

2016 Final Power Rankings Article

Here is the full detail file for 2016 Power Rankings, I will be posting some followup data analysis soon!

One quick observation:

Five of the top ten teams from last year repeated as top ten teams this year (Murder Boners, Smell the Glove, Piedmont Boll Weevils, The Yastrzemskinators, Durham Tobacconists). The five top ten teams in 2015 that did not finish top ten in 2016 finished in 12th, 17th, 37th, 54th, and 431st respectively, with that worst finish coming from a team that changed owners.

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When are the 2017 power rankings coming out ?

April and May have already been released, see below:


Thank you so much!!

Do you have the “full detail” file for the '17 rankings?

I’m curious where my league stands.

I haven’t posted the full file for the '17 rankings, no, but I can look up the league # if you want and let you know where it ended up in the May rankings.

Can you check where my league stands as of right now? I’m in league 321. Thanks, and go Cubs!

67th out of 133 FGPts leagues

Thanks. The league sure has dropped off in overall quality - it was 4th in 2015!

Different methodologies, and a fair bit more leagues now than two years ago.

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