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Lucas Giolito to debut tonight vs. NYM. Should be fun to watch.


And even if they do pan out eventually in Ottoneu it’s not worth the roster spot for 3 years. You really need to identify guys that are going to move quickly through their respective systems because by the time a player develops for 3 years much of his surplus value is gone by the time he hits the big leagues.


Lots of K’s and lots of walks coming tonight I think.


2016 Mid-Season Top 10 Prospects:
Baseball America:

  1. Y. Moncada
  2. A. Reyes
  3. JP Crawford
  4. L. Giolito
  5. T. Turner
  6. T. Glasnow
  7. D. Swanson
  8. A. Bregman
  9. A. Benintendi
  10. A. Meadows

Baseball Prospectus:

  1. JP Craword
  2. Y. Moncada
  3. J. Urias
  4. A. Bregman
  5. B. Rodgers
  6. A. Meadows
  7. O. Arcia
  8. A. Reyes
  9. V. Robles
  10. D. Swanson

Which Top 10 offensive prospect will be most valuable over the next 3 years?

  • JP Crawford
  • Dansby Swanson
  • Alex Bregman
  • Andrew Benintendi
  • Yoan Moncada
  • Trea Turner
  • Austin Meadows
  • Brendan Rodgers

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Yulieski Gurriel has just been signed by the Houston Astros. How high do you expect the winning bid to be in your Ottoneu league?

    1. $1 - $3
    1. $4 - $6
    1. $7 - $10
    1. $10+

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Re: Gourriel: the guy will either be worth $2 or $20 with multi positional eligibility post season. If I have $20-30 in cap I just want to make sure I win the guy. I can always cut him post Season.


Just based on the time of year we’re in, where there’s a lot of rebuilding teams with a lot of cash on hand and the chance to take big risks, I’d bet the average values on Guerriel now are in the $10-$15 range.


If you have $20 in cap space or more You should be bidding $20 on him. There should not be a single league out there where anyone let’s this guy get auctioned south of $10.


More prospects getting the call up Monday 7/25/16: Alex Bregman ($3.0 Average Ottoneu price), and David Dahl ($3.5).


Bregman is a beast (.330 wOBA Steamer projection RoS)


Bregman has certainly not hit like a beast (his Steamer wOBA RoS projection is down to .314!), but fellow 2015 draftee Andrew Benintendi is getting the call today (Steamer RoS projection of a .337 wOBA).


Orlando Arcia also getting the call today


It’s been a pretty rough start for Arcia so far.


Bregman started out slow too but he’s been a monster lately:


And speaking of being on :fire:, here are the last 10 games for NYY Gary Sanchez:

Per @bdmorris.jr he’s already 3rd in WAR among AL catchers (behind only Lucroy and Sandy Leon) through just 21 G.

This is why you should never invest in catching prospects, right? :wink:


Small sample, but the pitches/PA is an interesting (and promising) stat to keep an eye on from rookie Josh Bell


More on Josh Bell:


In 46 IP since late June (last 10 appearances), Urias is just north of 5.0 P/IP. Impressive.


More good news on Josh Bell: he will now be OF eligible in 2017

@jjdouglas did a nice job of breaking down Josh Bell on this recent podcast