2017 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects

First look at 2017 top @Prospects for the Chicago Cubs

#1 Eloy Jimenez

It’s a little misleading because they graduated sooooo much talent recently…but is the Cubs system kind of barren now? Eloy is something, Happ is not nothing but isn’t particularly special and after that there is a lot of meh.

This sounds like a question for a :bear: homer like @vibbot

Yeah the Cubs system is decidedly average, at best. That’s mostly due to the enormous amount of talent the team has graduated/traded over the past couple seasons, so what they are left with is a couple high minors/low ceiling types, and a slew of lower minors/high ceiling guys. I think a number of prospects in the system will eventually be fantasy relevant (Eloy/Happ/Cease/De La Cruz/Martinez), but everyone on that list except for Happ won’t be in Chicago until at least late 2018.

Nope not barren. Eloy is a top-10 prospect in all of baseball. Eddy Julio Martinez is a top-50 guy. Happ is a top-50ish guy on some lists. The name to watch this offseason is Dylan Cease. I immediately regret my decision to include his name.

I agree, the system isn’t barren, it’s just barren at the upper levels and with respect to ETA.

Eloy is on track to be big league ready next season and Happ will get a cup of coffee next year barring any big breakout/flameout

I don’t see Eloy debuting in 2017, but he could exceed expectations

He’s a polished hitter and a plus defender. The beauty of the Cubs current construction is they don’t have to rush anyone. I was trying to convey that if this was a team that needed him he could be MLB ready midseason next year.

Agreed, he will play the 2017 season as a 20 year old, and hasn’t even played in High-A yet. I very much doubt he debuts next year, and I think he comes up late 2018.

2080 has a nice report on Eloy that suggests 2018. I’d be shocked if he comes up next year, partly because the Cubs still look stacked for the near future…

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