2018 Baseball Prizes Megathread


League IDs from 400 to 600 should start seeing their prizes now. We will be taking a slight pause after this round of prizes to make sure PayPal is in fact sending the money we are asking them to send.


Prize emails are being sent to league IDs between 600 and 800 now.


And now leagues with IDs between 800 and 900 should be receiving prize emails.


Anyone with a league ID over 900 should be receiving prize emails now.

Please use this thread if you have any questions about your 2018 prizes. Congratulations!


Hi Niv,

I won my league (#861) and did not receive a prize email. I have checked both the email address that is in my Ottoneu settings and the email address that I use for PayPal, including the junk folders, and don’t see anything. What should I do now?



So, PayPal is a little flaky when we tell it to send money out. Sometimes it says “yes, we will do that” and then … doesn’t. If you DM me your email address on file I can look into our PayPal logs and see what happened, open an issue with PayPal (which helps us out tremendously) and then manually re-send the money.

Sorry about that!


I just sent it to you. Thanks for your help.


Where do you locate League ID #'s?

@nivshah . Questions to you sir. Thanks


Good question!


@nivshah. League ID 962. I have still not received payment.

@nivshah sorry 952


You should have a new email from PayPal now.

For anyone else who hasn’t received their prizes, please DM me your email address and your league ID so I can search both our logs and PayPal transactions. This will allow us to properly raise issues with PayPal. I suggest DM so that you don’t have to post your email address in this relatively public forum. Thanks in advance!


What was the old payout scheme for the $25 leagues? Top 3 get paid?


There aren’t $25 leagues.

$9.99 leagues did not have prizes.

$49.99 leagues paid out top 3, which will be true about $50 leagues in 2019 as well.


Thanks, Niv. I thought all the tiers had payouts and that was the change this year with the $50.00 tiers. My memory failed to serve me correctly, I guess.