2018 Baseball Prizes Megathread

Last year’s thread, with answered FAQs:

We are planning to start sending out prizes on Friday. You may not receive your prize email until Saturday or Sunday, but I’ll do my best to update progress here.

After prizes are sent out, salary inflation, etc will be applied.

When should winners expect their payouts for the 2018 Season?

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Teams in 4x4 leagues that did not make their inning minimums (mine included, by 9 measly innings!) have lost their pitching points for 2018.

We had a couple of ties in roto leagues this year, and I’ve identified a bug in the code that automates prize payouts for leagues that have ties. I’m actively working on this bug among a few other end of season tasks, and it will result in a slight delay in prizes being sent out. I’m hoping to have this issue fixed this weekend, and can guarantee prizes will be sent out well before arbitration begins on October 15, since salary inflation has to take place, etc.

Were there prizes for 3rd place in $50 leagues this year?
I thought there were when I joined,
but the rules now state otherwise.

i wasn’t sure if that’s because the rules were changed for the upcoming 2019 changes
but haven’t been amended after 3rd place prize money was added in.
or if I just made an initial error in understanding the rules.


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Per this thread:

Furthermore in 2019, there will be a third-place prize for the $50 tier per this post:

So, the rules have not been updated to reflect the new 2019 prizes, which I will get on, but third place has a prize this year at all tiers.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, niv.
Here is what my league’s rules page shows,
Which is why I asked.
$50 tier (which we’re at) has no 3rd place prize.
Assume other leagues show the same.

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I’ve updated those prize pages.

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Do you use the email in our profile page or the email of our PayPal account to send the prizes? Or do you send an email to our profile email address and then we use the email to gain access to the prize.

Your paragraph above doesn’t really give any details on how this works other than saying you’ll send some sort of email.

Those are good questions and are answered in the previous thread that I linked to in the original post:

We use PayPal’s “pay an email address” functionality, so we automate sending money to our on-file email address for the team owner. You’ll receive an email from PayPal with instructions on how to claim your money. This system has worked for all our prize-winners since 2011.

So I guess my question is this: Do we actually initiate the pay process with the email you send us? The reason I ask is because the email I have in my profile is different than the email I use for my PayPal account.

I think you are asking for specifics on the PayPal side. Some cursory googling found these results, which I think answer your question:


We have an email address on file tied to your user profile, and we use that to send you money.

Thanks Niv, I just want to make sure that you’re using the email address for my PayPal account and not the one I have listed in my Ottoneu profile. Because, again, they are different.

If this is not the case, and you use the address in our profiles, please let me know.

Please read #2 in this post:

That is the email address to check for the email from PayPal. Once you get it and click the link, you can log in to your PayPal account to claim the money, even if your PayPal email address is different from the email address that you have on file with Ottoneu.

Not to be repetitive, but we have one email address on file for any user, not multiple. The Ottoneu profile email address is the email address to check when prizes are sent out. That email address has no bearing on how you claim your money, per the links from PayPal I posted earlier.

Any update on payouts? I had read by Sunday but haven’t received mine. Thanks.

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Sorry about not posting here earlier. I had some personal matters to attend to this weekend.

Prizes will be paid out tomorrow, Tuesday October 9.

Salary inflation will be done either Wednesday or Thursday after prizes are fully paid out and confirmed.

Arbitration will start on October 15.


Appreciate the response. Hope all is well.

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We are starting to pay out prizes now. If your league ID is below 200, your prize emails should be on their way right now.

Those of you with league IDs from 200 to 400 should now start seeing prize emails.