2017 Baseball Prizes Megathread

Congrats to all of you who did well in your 2017 Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball season. I hope to have prizes paid out by early next week at the latest. I’m spinning up this thread to allow anyone to ask questions or raise concerns they may have.

  1. Prizes are paid via PayPal to the email address of the team owner. You don’t need to have a PayPal account.
  2. You can confirm where your prize money will be sent on your user settings. We cannot manually send prize money to alternate email addresses.
  3. If a prize-winning team is co-owned, one owner, the one that is listed first on the team page, will get paid the prize. I trust that if you’re able to work out co-owning an Ottoneu team you can work out splitting the prize money.

I think that’s it, but if you have other questions let me know and if they are broad questions I will make sure to update this post.


Hi Niv,

Thank you for the message and all the work that goes into everything. I won our league: 27 Out Conglomerate . My paypal account is different from the email I have set up with my account. My team is Killteam and the corresponding email is bruddabrex@hotmail.com. If possible I would like the prize money sent to jon.huibregtse@gmail.com if possible.

Thank you,

Jon Huibregtse

Your prizes will be sent to whatever email address you have on file with us - unfortunately that is not something we can manually change. You can change your email address here:


I am going to start sending out prizes on Thursday in batches. Batches because last year PayPal said they paid a number of people but didn’t actually pay people - I’m hoping that throttling the number of payment requests will help PayPal handle things better.

Once that process is done, inflation will be applied and everything will be ready for the arbitration process.

The prize payout process (PPP) will start tomorrow in the AM.

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Ok, some prizes are starting to be sent out, but not all just yet. For transparency sake, I’ll go into the weeds:

In the past, PayPal has flagged Ottoneu for sending out too much money all at once, which has caused massive headaches in terms of making sure you all get your prize money. I am staggering prizes over a few days to try and prevent that. If Ottoneu gets flagged by PayPal, it becomes a multi-week ordeal of phone calls, and I really don’t want to put anyone through that, especially me.

There also are concerns on my end about PayPal’s ability to handle a large number of payment requests all at once. Last season this was a major issue - a lot of you came back to me with “hey I thought you said prizes were paid”, and when I checked it was clear that Ottoneu requested that the payments be made, but PayPal just didn’t execute them. That causes undue stress for you and for me and I want to avoid all of that this year.

So, I am paying out a subset of leagues today, and will pay out the rest early next week assuming everything goes well. The leagues that are being paid out today:


If you are in one of these leagues and you have not received an email about a payment from Ottoneu, please post in this thread or email help@ottoneu.com and I’ll look into it.

If you are not in one of these leagues and are wondering where your prize money is, it is on its way soon.

If you are wondering when end of year tasks are going to take place, I think the answer is this weekend - I’ll make sure they don’t affect the outstanding prize payments and then knock them out Saturday morning during a low-traffic time.


Quick update here: prizes for the leagues mentioned in the previous post seem to have all gone out. However, PayPal flagged us, and I’m working on sorting that out ASAP. I am hoping to get the rest of the prizes out by Monday or Tuesday at the very latest. I apologize for the delay, but we should be squared away on prizes before the arbitration process begins on October 15.

I just got off the phone with PayPal. This on-going saga should be done by Thursday at the very latest. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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We’ve started the process of paying the following leagues:


If everything goes smoothly over the next hour, the last set of leagues should be paid out today as well.

All baseball prizes for 2017 have been paid. Please reach out to me directly at help@ottoneu.com if you are having an issue with your prize payment for this season.

Congratulations to everyone who won prizes this year!

Two people (so far) have reached out with issues getting paid. Turns out they had some restrictions on their PayPal account:

I had no issues receiving my payments, I always appreciate how prompt this process is every season, so thank you for your work in ironing out these PayPal issues!