2018 MLB Top 50 Free Agent Prediction Contest

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This year’s version of the Top 50 Free Agent prediction contest is now live:


The deadline to complete your submission is Sunday, November 19th @ 11:59 PM EST.

As in previous years, Ottoneu creator @nivshah is gracious enough to offer the five (5) owners with the highest score in this contest a free $9.99 Ottoneu season for 2018.

Good luck with your predictions. The contest is open to anyone in @trust_level_0, @trust_level_1, @trust_level_2, and @trust_level_3


@LuckyStrikes - you might need to unlock columns for editing first


File should be good to go to allow anyone to edit now. Thanks


All good now, thanks Trey


The contest is now final and I’ll periodically update the actual free agent signings as they happen. Thanks to all who submitted teams.


Not a single person had LAA landing Ohtani!


have the winners for this been determined?