2019 Trade Deadline

Hi all, our league is switching to H2H playoffs this year (the format where 4 teams make the playoffs and both rounds of the playoffs will last 2 weeks, so the playoffs will take up most of September).

Wondering for those who used this format last year, did the Aug. 31 trade deadline affect the league standings down the stretch run. I fear that with the trade deadline so near the playoffs, a few tanking teams may have the ability to shift the league’s balance of power right before the playoffs.

Any heart for an Aug.1 trade deadline in light of this format change?

As a reminder, we’re very open to moving the trade deadline if it is too late in the season, but there is going to be one trade deadline for all Ottoneu leagues. Here’s some proof that I felt this way almost a year ago:

So, please leave some feedback if you have thoughts about the August 31 trade deadline.

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I Prefer earlier: Probably August 15th.

I played in H2H last year here and the 8/31 deadline was not a problem, primarily because at least two teams were on the bubble about even getting the playoffs during the final week. While it’s true rebuilding teams could shift the balance, that is a good thing, because they have many trade partners (potentially 8+) late in the season. Unlike non-H2H leagues that gives some of the leverage back to selling teams so they have a better chance to jump back into contention the following season.

I think moving the deadline back to 8/1 would be a mistake because for non-H2H teams it would erode the level of engagement by several teams even earlier in the season.


I like a later deadline, but I also think there should be a gap between the deadline and the H2H playoffs. I’d vote for a week between the playoff and the trade deadline.

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