2021 Auction Data

Is 2021 Auction Draft data available anywhere? Would be great to be able to see it to calculate 2021 average draft salaries.

Go to your league home page. Click on Players. On the far right is “Average Salaries.” On that page you can filter by game type and export to CSV.

To add on, Last 10 slowly turns into what you want as more drafts happen.

Niv – Are we fully into this year’s drafts with the Last 10 now? I think you had said on a recent Ottobot podcast that the Last 10 was likely lagging still because of not many auctions. Thanks!

Maybe just barely into 10 drafts for 2021. Would expect to be solidly into it after this weekend.

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Hi Niv,

I’ve been checking the first year league player values every few days. I noticed that there have only been 4 so far (three 5x5 leaves and one H2H FG PTS).

Is this right? If it is, do you know how many first year PTS leagues there are this year? I have a draft on March 17th and was looking to use these results to get a feel for first year league price ranges.

Thanks as always for your great work!

I do not know the number off the top of my head but 4 seems about right for first year leagues. There have been a larger number of drafts but mostly from leagues that were already in place. Having a new league entirely formed and completed a draft by March 5 is a little early.

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