2021 Baseball arb did not save

It seems as if arbitration results were not correctly processed in my league (767). My team and one other team (Ninety Percent Mental) have arbitration amounts that are listed but not applied and the page gives an error message (“This team did not submit completed arbitration and their allocations were not applied”). Do you know how this happened or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

I’ll check it out shortly

Moved this to a new topic in case anyone else had issues with arb unexpectedly not saving.

Ghost of Bill Bergen did not allocate money to Flu-Like Symptoms

Ninety Percent Mental did not allocate any money to What’s in a Name?

Teams have to allocate to all the other teams in their league for their allocations to count.

The arb overview page tells team managers who they have not given arb to yet or if they haven’t used all of their $25, both of which makes allocations not stick. This is available until arbitration ends.

I’ve added more details to why arb wasn’t applied to the arbitration results page, which of course is only after arb is over but should be clarifying.