2021 Player debut issues

4/2/21 at 4:15 PST - Andrew Vaughn of the White Sox is showing on the Lineup page as NOT in the White Sox lineup when in fact all reports indicate that he is. This is his MLB debut and seems similar to the issue with Luis Campusano’s debut in Sept. 2020. I’m going to turn of the auto-lineup function, but of course would like to be sure he shows in my lineup and that his stats register.

He’s now showing up as hitting 5th.

Indeed he is. Thanks, Niv!

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Debuts still seem a little wonky (same issue with Jonathan India yesterday). Will work on it.

He just got auto-benched in my lineup, any way to review?

I’ll check.

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Minor issue with auto-bench and will be fixed shortly.

Auto-bench put Andrew Vaughn on the bench for everyone, but that should now be reversed for those of you who had him in your lineup.

Different but similar issue with Kohei Arihara today. For pitchers, the auto-bench function doesn’t matter, and I can start him anyway. I just want to flag that he isn’t registered to start by the green check mark

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I do not remember how point out that I’ve in my roster a newcomer in MLB…
Tonight Hirokazu Sawamura played one inning and scored (6 pts). In my roster that doesn’t appear. It already happened last years, but I do not remember what and how I need to do.
Thank for your help.

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These pitchers should be fixed shortly (will update once done) and I’ll see why our previous system for handling debuts has stopped working.

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Sawamura’s stats should be reflected correctly now.

I’m working with FanGraphs to figure out what is going on with Arihara and generally what is going on with debuts so far this year.

Just spitballing, but maybe related somehow to minor leaguers having one type of FGID (e.g., saXXXXXX) while (most) major leaguers have a five digit numerical FGID? For most players, they get assigned the new MLB FGID when they make their debut?

Every player has a minor league ID and a major league ID, I believe they both appear in our roster exports. The process of being assigned a major league ID has oscillated between being ahead of time (great!) or at the moment of the first pitch of the debut (not great) or a day late (bad). That assignment is unfortunately outside of my control, since we rely on FanGraphs for all statistics so we rely on their MLB and MiLB IDs.

We have some backend processes set up with FanGraphs to help us with debuts and to make this assignment happen as early as possible, but I think there’s something up with the player universe FanGraphs pulled from their data provider or the data provider’s player universe overall. In the case of Arihara specifically, it looks like he might be missing from the master list of players at the data provider FOR FanGraphs, which is 1) rare, 2) very annoying. For the two guys yesterday and for India, our backend processes with FanGraphs didn’t work in 2021 after working very well in 2020 and I’m figuring out with them what is going on.


Arihara has the :white_check_mark: now.

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I’m likely the only one to have started Tylor Megill on Wed the 23rd. His stats have yet to appear.

He is on my team in 20-Sided Diamond 1053.


Debut? Who the heck is that? :grinning:


Tylor Megill should have stats shortly.

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